Victor Hănescu confessed at the competition that bears his name: “I see myself in these children”

Victor Hănescu handed over the prizes to winners at the 12 th edition of “Victor Hănescu” Trophy within one award ceremony hosted by Tennis Club Curtea de Argeș.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be next to these talented children at this award ceremony. I’m very happy to see this competition’s level rising year by year and that even more young athletes take part in this tour ,creating their way to success. Congratulations to the organizers for everything they’ve done in order to keep this tournament as a tradition. As I see them playing tennis,I can see myself many years ago , at the beginnings of my professional tennis career .I am shocked by how fast the years have passed and how much I’ve received from this sport.I wish them to enjoy playing tennis at least as much as I did and ,of course , I wish them good luck in the future .” – confessed Victor Hănescu, former ATP 26.

Ioan Cozma, general director of Dr.Oetker Romania,declared- “I am convinced that next year, during this period , we are going to be holding the 13 th edition of Victor Hănescu Trophy.We will never give up on this competition.I would like to offer my congratulations to all contestants and to thank them for coming to Curtea de Argeș in such an encouraging number.36 sports associations were present,a big number of participation,which reflects the popularity of this contest.I was pleasantly surprised and I was smiling with Victor a few minutes ago at the awards ceremony that Cezar Papoe,the winner of the U12 category, was probably born when we were organising the first edition of the tour.I’m sure the parents have never thought their child is going to be the winner of “Victor Hănescu Trophy” back then.”

Cezar Papoe and Alessia Florea are the winners of the 12th edition of “Victor Hănescu Trophy” at the category of under 12.

“It was a balanced game, the opponent was in a great form and I am very happy that I managed to win.The sports complex here in Curtea de Argeș is arranged, the tennis courts are in a great condition and the organisation of the tour is good.”- Cezar Papoe declared

“It was very tough , but I played well. I fought until the end of the game and I did not give up.It was a hard tour for me, but I was the best.”- said Alessia.

Elena Neacșu and Rareș Sandu were the winners of the 14 y.o. category.As for the under 10 category, Alexia Bojin and Constantin Hîrleșteanu were the winners.

General director of Tennis Club Curtea de Argeș declared-“Victor Hănescu Trophy is a competition that is always on the calendar of Romanian Tennis Federation and has the support of Dr. Oetker Romania represented by the general director ,Ioan Cozma .Victor Hănescu is a constant presence at all finals that took place at Tennis Club Curtea de Argeș.”

Victor Hănescu Trophy is a competition within the Romanian Tennis Federation ,which is dedicated to boys and girls aged 10 (category number 1 FRT) and children aged 12 ( Category A FRT) .The main sponsor of the event is Dr. Oetker Romania.

On the site of the tour you may find additional information and updated news on the entire duration of the competition : http://trofeulvictorhanescu.